Dust Control for Gravel Roads

Imagine the millions miles of roads in the Northern California today, nearly half are unpaved. Add to that the number of farms and ranches in our region & you can understand the importance of keeping dust under control. Though the benefits of a paved road are numerous, the investment in converting gravel roads to  paved roads is sizable, so most farms, ranches & rural areas rely on maintaining their existing gravel roads.


Gravel Road Drawbacks: DUST


One of the drawbacks of gravel roads is that they are prone to giving off dust, particularly as daily traffic increases. Clouds of road dust can be a nuisance for those living nearby as dust settles on their homes and parked vehicles. Road dust in the air can potentially affect the quality of life of nearby residents. This dust can also pose serious safety issues for drivers by causing impaired vision, especially on narrow roads or at intersections and railroad crossings.


REMEDY: Dust-Off – Anti-corrosive formula helps prevent rust while it reduces dust.


Dust-Off road treatment has been used by the equine, mining, agriculture, logging, and building industries as well as state and local governments to control dust and maintain travel surfaces since 1983.
Dust-Off road treatment acts to maintain optimum moisture in the road particles. This provides two benefits: It controls dust and provides a highly compacted travel surface.


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Dust-Off Dust Control for Horse Arenas, Roads, Vineyards and Ranches

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Dust Off Keeps the Dust Down